Time squeeze + full heart

Several events converged this weekend — the usual last minute preparations for a show opening this coming Thursday and the sudden sickness of my eleven-year old cat. Despite having a lovely long weekend, the time I set aside to craft my weekly blog post was sucked away by hours spent in several different veterinary offices, running errands, and family-time. I suppose this is to be expected since there’s only so much time in a day and I can hardly cram in more activities — especially unexpected cat-liver-disease and decisions about whether or not to euthanize my feline friend. Something had to give, and this week it was my blog post. I’m really bummed about that. However, I’ll be back next Monday with some kind of written musings. Will it be about my cat’s amazing recovery (I hope so!) or our amazing opening weekend of Richie (I hope so!) or something else amazing (possibly!)?

I’m reminded on a daily basis that life is so full — of interesting experiences, discoveries, people, ideas. There’s so much to discuss, right? There’s so much to create. And not nearly enough time. Or maybe it’s just a matter of priorities or being more efficient with the time I have. That’s to be determined as one of my life lessons, I suppose.

The jam-packedness of my weekend makes me feel so grateful for the wonderful people who help me manage the challenges in life. I’m so grateful for the amazing vet staff at VSH Carolinas who offer information and options with compassion and without judgment. I’m grateful for the army of people who are working their tails off to create the rolling pub-crawl that is Richie, including the director, cast, producers, stage managers, text coaches, logistics and security folks, designers, and local business owners. Art-making always seems to take a village to bring it to completion and this venture is no different in that regard. What a group of big-hearted, inspiring and talented people! And I’m grateful for my husband and my daughter who support my full schedule with grace and patience (especially my husband, who is willing to devote money and time to caring for our old kitty). I feel lucky and all filled up…to the very brim.

If you are reading this, I hope you are well and happy and full.

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