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Update: I’m here and not here in 2020


I have been blogging on this site since 2012! Amazing!

In the last two years, however, most of my work has transitioned to Artist Soapbox where I post about upcoming events related to the podcast and my audio fiction work. If social media platforms are your jam, then Artist Soapbox is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well, so come find me there.

Most thrillingly, I’ve been named the Piedmont Laureate (wonderful + exciting!) for 2020. I’ll be positing on that website about many, many events over the course of the year. The Piedmont Laureate program has a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account too.

I invite you to subscribe to either or both sites to stay in touch with me. (In fact, please do. I would love that.)

I don’t anticipate posting here much in the near future, but there are too many memories to shut it down completely.

And people seem to appreciate a reminder of how to pronounce my name. :)

Feeling gratitude for you and sending love,


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