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Podcaster on a podcast! I’m on RDU on Stage!

Ep. 25: The Comeback of the Audio Drama with Tamara Kissane

Friends, I’m excited and nervous to tell you that I’m on a podcast…as a guest. For the first time.

Lauren Van Hemert with RDU on Stage was kind enough to talk with me about my upcoming audio drama MASTER BUILDER, the Artist Soapbox podcast, my attachment to a quality creative process, and how having kids changed my artistic output.

I’d love for you to listen and tell me what you think.

To do so, click on the link above or go to a podcast app like Apple Podcasts or Spotify and listen there. (Don’t forget to subscribe to RDU on Stage while you’re there so you can hear great future episodes about the theatre scene in the Triangle.)

Side note: Lauren did a wonderful job helping me feel relaxed and comfortable, but wow, I have much greater empathy for my guests on the Artist Soapbox podcast. I’m feeling grateful for this growth opportunity and for the artists who’ve gone out on a limb to share their thoughts on ASBX.

Photo by Erin Bell of Bull City Photography.

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