Artist Statement

I’m working on a new artist statement for playwriting. This is it so far. Lemme know what you think.


For nearly twenty years, I have created theatre in the Triangle-area of North Carolina as a playwright, actor, director, and producer. My primary focus is developing new work collaboratively and premiering original theatre in unusual spaces.

I  wear my heart on my sleeve and my beliefs on my t-shirts:

Boys will be good humans.

Nevertheless she persisted.

Create consent culture.

These same beliefs are threaded through my plays as I question gender norms, interrogate the way we care for each other, and shine a light on contemporary America. My plays question assumptions about deeply imprinted roles and societal relationships.

I keep writing about:

  • The tension between putting down roots and soaring free
  • Strong women sucking the marrow from life
  • Home

I am committed to:

  • Gender parity
  • Updating traditional plays of the (white, male) canon
  • Seeking new ways to connect audiences and artists
  • Disrupting classic modes of making theatre
  • Incorporating multi-disciplinary elements

I lead with the questions, ‘why’, and ‘what if’.

I intend my audience leave with ‘how’ and ‘what’s next’.

I believe in the power of generous, collaborative making.

My children have me running full tilt, so I focus on creating efficiently and effectively with ego firmly in check. I’m a mama, playwright, actor, podcaster, teacher who aims to create the world I’d like to see, and speak what needs to be heard.


2 thoughts on “Artist Statement”

  1. YES – say it loud and say it proud, Sister-friend!!! Talk the walk that you walk. And what a beautiful, life-affirming walk it is. Cheers to the journey & the evolution, XO.

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