About my work

I’m a theatre-creator, actor, director, playwright, workshop leader and coach. I’m a podcaster for Artist Soapbox, and I’m a founding member and writer for Curious Theatre Collective.

Here’s a sort of summary of what I did in 2018.

Here’s my Resume!

You’ll see a selection of some recent gigs below. If you’d like my complete resume or more information, let me know.

Directing: 10 by 10 Play Festival at The ArtsCenter in Carrboro (2014, 2015, 2016); Duke Theatre Studies Senior Distinction Project, Mukwerere (2015); Redbird New Plays Festival at The ArtsCenter in Carrboro (2015). Co-leader of Summer Sisters, an ensemble of theatre-making women (summers 2013-2016). Additional co-directing credits with both hands theatre company (1997-2009).

Acting: Manbites Dog Theater production of  The Moors (Feb/March 2018), Bright Half Life (Feb/March 2017). Archipelago/CINE movie The Reckoning (Spring/Summer 2017).  Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern productions of Richie (Sept. 2012), The Wooster Group’s Anne Frank (May 2013), The Man Who Was Thursday (Dec. 2013), Celebration (Feb. 2014), When the Ass Saw the Angel (June 2015). Staged reading of Lee and Lee by Adam Sobsey at Manbites Dog Theatre (2013). Additional acting credits with Archipelago Theatre Company, Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern, and both hands theatre company (1997-2011). Independent Weekly, The Year in Theatre Awards: Member of Best Ensemble 2014, 2011, 2010, 2008; Best Choreography (Summer Sisters) 2013; Best Supporting Performance 2012.

Playwriting: Commissioned by Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern to adapt Henrik Ibsen’s The Master Builder (Jan. 2018). Commissioned by Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern to adapt Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull (May 2016). Commissioned by REDBIRD Festival to write an original mulit-disciplinary theatre piece (festival cancelled). Commissioned by Common Wealth Endeavors to co-write The NC Mysteries: Part One, The Beginning (performances scheduled TBD). Commissioned by Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern to co-write Dog From Hell (2009). As the co-artistic director of both hands theatre company, I co-wrote and produced over a dozen original plays (1997-2009), including one of the Independent Weekly‘s Best Original Scripts of 2004, 2005, 2007.

Other: Guest artist with Transactors Improv (2014-2015). Improvised role-playing for training sessions for Duke University Safety and Security, Duke Hospital, and Duke Hospice (2014-2015). In 2013-2014, I worked as the Literary Arts Coordinator at Arts & Health at Duke where I offered journaling sessions for groups and individuals (staff, patients and caregivers).

I was co-artistic director of both hands theatre company, and co-founder/director of the Creativity School with Cheryl Chamblee.  We wrote and produced our own plays, led creativity workshops, and we coached people who in all stages of getting their creative projects off the ground.

I am experienced at using theatre techniques and exercises to illustrate and enhance concepts such as leadership, teamwork, creativity, communication, and confidence for people who consider themselves non-artists.

For more information about any of my work or to reach me, please contact me at tamara_kissane@yahoo.com.

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