About you

Hello, you out there!

I’d love to know more about you. After all, this is not a private journal — I’m writing a blog! Blog = community

So let’s be a community. If you are curious about what that could mean, then here are some ideas:

Read: Sign up to follow this blog (look on the upper right of this page) and receive an automatic email. Seeing the number of ‘followers’ increase is highly motivational to this blogger.

Share: If there’s a post you particularly enjoy, drop it out there on your Facebook page or send it via email to your friends. Sharing makes the readership spike like nothing else. I would be extremely truly grateful if you spread the word.

Contribute: Engage with me and other folks by commenting on the blog posts. Contact me about the possibility of a guest post. Send a note with post ideas or requests. Give feedback. Do something creative and cool that contributes to making the world a better place, then tell me about it. Share ideas, other cool blogs, and questions with me.

Hire me: As you read through this site, you’ve gotten a sense of who I am, what I do, and what I have to say. Intrigued? Contact me to talk about the skills and experience I can contribute to your work projects. We might work together!

I can be reached via comments on my posts or at tamara_kissane@yahoo.com.

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