“Our youth is the very oldest part of us”

When you have a moment, check out this fantastic article about creating theatre for young people: Theater of the Young, For the Young by Steven Dietz. I've been thinking about it ever since I read it. In particular, the quotes below captured my imagination in a big way. Age is not a horizontal marker, but… Continue reading “Our youth is the very oldest part of us”


Good words, bad words?

Question: What do these words have in common? Loaf, Buzz, Quiver, Whisper, Boom, Jelly Answer: You'll find all of them on my Loathsome and Lovely Lists of Words. The LLs feature words that make my skin crawl or my heart feel joyful just by saying or hearing them. It's less about the meaning of the… Continue reading Good words, bad words?


A letter to my daughter after the passage of Amendment One

Look up! There's a video of me reading my letter. Below, you'll see the transcript if you'd prefer to read instead. What are your hopes and expectations for this next generation? What's next for you? A letter to my daughter after the passage of Amendment One My darling daughter, You gave me a sweet memory… Continue reading A letter to my daughter after the passage of Amendment One


Running toward monsters

If you ask my daughter what she’d like to be when she grows up, she’ll say a fairy-princess-ballerina. If anyone can do that, she’ll be the one. It’s been a long journey for us to Princessville. For a long time, I resisted cluttering her little girl life with what I considered to be the mind-numbing… Continue reading Running toward monsters


By way of introduction…

"Hi, I'm Tamara -- rhymes with camera." That's how I've introduced myself for about the last ten years. Tamara. Seems good. Seems to suit me. It's the only name I've ever known after all, so I guess it seems familiar -- my old friend, my name. (According to my folks, I could have been Veronica. That… Continue reading By way of introduction…